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Technical Support

Technical Support

Your best option in Technical Support

Is a computer error stopping you from completing an urgent work assignment? Are you fed up of the slow speed of your PC?. Well, you need some expert guidance that will quickly help you fix these problems. Speak with us.

We offer a variety of plans and services including Consultation, Computer Check-up, Hardware and Software Installation, Computer Clean-up. Get started with a plan that’s right for you.

  • Your first consultation totally free
  • Get an answer in less than 24hrs
  • Check-up on Mac & PC
  • Remote support

Don't stop your work, give us the chance to help you. Get advise from any of our expert consultants.

Virus?, Be careful about losing information!

We can help to eliminate any threat and teach you to prevent malicious software from infecting your system, infect your personal information such as bank details, passwords and private information. Our experts can help with more than one method to protect your computer.

Intelligenza gives complete support to a range of devices including desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, routers and more. Fixing browser issues and problems with Internet connectivity or email. Removing viruses, spyware and malware, and protecting your data.

When your PC, tablet, printer or mobile device gives you trouble, get expert tech support, fast. We have the fastest turnaround time for onsite services at your home and at your workplace. Jus make a call.

Onsite Support at Home or Work

Want our Tech Support Engineers to come to your workplace and resolve the issue? Help is just a click away. With the fastest turnaround time for onsite services, your problem will be fixed a lot sooner than you expect.

Remote Diagnosis

We are available to get access to your computer ride away and get instant support at your home or office.

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